Reykjavik’s Thriving Street Art Culture

my god its full of stars


black and white


dont panic

face peeping between buildings


fish and hair tendrils

I was so thrilled by the art everywhere on Reykjavik streets–peeping around corners of buildings, on parking structures, even on temporary wooden boards meant to hide construction. Everywhere I looked, there was more art, and I tried to look everywhere, behind apartment buildings, down side streets, only chickening out at the prospect of climbing a teeny tiny ladder to get on top of a particularly art-covered building. I’m sure I still only saw a small portion. At one point, I was trying to navigate a path to get a closer view of one building and slipped on the ice, falling onto my purse so hard that all the air whoofed out of me. I was certain that I’d managed to break my phone, my camera, and no fewer than three ribs, but luckily, nothing broke. The only damage was a massive Iceland-shaped bruise that bloomed on my side, which turned shockingly purple with even darker tectonic plate lines which lined up with a seam on my pants. In other words, super cute. Also, as a mature adult, every time I felt an ache in that area for the rest of the trip, I would moan “Oooooh, my ass-land”, which never stopped being funny for me because I was overtired for the entire trip, but probably got old for Jason on the second or third repetition. The thing that deeply bummed me out were the instances when an otherwise beautiful mural was tagged with things like “faggot” and “kill your fucking self”, because if you can’t contribute, why not destroy something, right?

There’s so much more art after the cut, including some of my favorites!

garbage pail kid


hand of cards




it was science i loved most


mind games



parking garage

postage stamps


raven man

red breast bird

sea monster


shrimp viking pirate

sinister figure

some thoughts have a certain sound

squares and stripes



vampire bat

white raven

wolf woman

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  1. Sam March 13, 2016 at 11:21 am

    The space vomit’s my favorite.

    1. Mellzah March 15, 2016 at 1:28 pm

      The space vomit is one of my favorites, too. I also really love the man turning into a raven.

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