Nom or Vom: The Most Goth Burger Ever

japanese black burger

Burger King Japan is going to be rolling out these babies soon: black burgers with buns and cheese colored with bamboo charcoal topped with an onion and garlic sauce colored with squid ink. Oh, and the burger itself is flavored with black pepper, to fit the theme. I think if they wanted to make a truly theme appropriate black burger, they need to hire black metal bands to play in the lobby and source the meat from those all-black Indonesian Ayam Cemani chickens, but then again, no one is going to pay $1000+ for a chicken burger from Burger King.

Pros: Still a burger, how bad could it be?

Cons: That oil slick of cheese really looks unappetizing, I don’t think a bun is supposed to have the sheen of hard plastic, looks like it should come with a tiny whip suitable for cracking the fingers of those who would steal your fries, your poops are going to be insane, it’s not like Burger King is known for high-quality anything

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