Taiwan Part Twelve: Action, Adventure, Amnesia

In December, Beth and I went to some sort of Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing. I *think* we went with her host family, or someone in her Rotary, because I really don’t recognize any of the people besides us in the picture. Regardless, it was a day of adventure, danger, and fun.

The shirt I’m wearing is the t-shirt of my class. It also may be indicative of my mental age; at any given moment, I’m likely to act like a two-year old.


Beth, posing with the Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing’s mascot.


This thing almost killed me. Don’t laugh. Seriously. So it’s a wheel that you run on, to what purpose I could not say. What I did not realize is that the faster I ran on it, the more it tried to suck me underneath and into the swampy bogwater. Such shrieks as I uttered have likely ne’er been equaled at that park before or since.


Here’s Beth’s head on a plate–but where’s her body? It’s a Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing SECRET. In the middle of this park, they had what appeared to be a playground, with large plastic dinosaurs posing in happy cartoon stances. It was like an educational museum for kids who would be too frightened by menacing dinosaur skeletons, with little informational plaques in front of each one. As there really wasn’t anyone else there, we decided it would be a shame if we did NOT take advantage of the moment and ride the dinosaurs. Could you NOT have done it? I didn’t think so. Don’t judge. I hear you judging!



It took me about six tries to get up on this thing. It was far too tall and too slippery for me to pull myself up on the side, so I had to literally run up the tail to scramble aboard. I felt like a much fatter, much clumsier Fred Flintstone, but I did it, dammit. Emboldened by our mastery over the Reptile Gods, we continued to explore the park, when lo, out of the brush came that thing which man fears most: a dino wearing a bow tie! The horror! The horror!


There was no way I could escape this beast by the power of my own two legs–I would need a powerful steed, swifter than the wind, and more furious than a hungry wildebeest. Luckily, there was an electric dog nearby!


My life will never be the same, after witnessing the majesty of the Taiwan Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing. Don’t your lives also feel enriched as well, now that you’ve shared in the experience?

6 Comments Taiwan Part Twelve: Action, Adventure, Amnesia

  1. shadowstitch March 27, 2006 at 11:37 pm

    Why the bow tie? WHY??
    So very wrong…..

    1. admin March 27, 2006 at 11:49 pm

      I think he would’ve been dressed even more nattily had he been wearing a top hat and a monocle as well.

  2. foxhunt006 March 28, 2006 at 3:49 am

    What is really, really weird is that I dreamt about a diplodocus and a T-rex last night…. So odd that those pictures show up today!

    Did you stop by my work sometime last week? If so, sorry I wasn’t in! I had to get away from that place… ugh.

    1. admin March 28, 2006 at 5:13 pm

      It was fated that I post about dinosaurs, then!

      I DID stop by your work, not this weekend, but the weekend before. GOD FORBID YOU EVER GO ON VACATION! 😀 Cute cats, though.

  3. bethy824 March 28, 2006 at 3:48 am

    Ahhh how great was the Taiwan Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing (minus the wheel of death-seriously terrifying). We went with one of the families from my rotary club who lavished an enormous amount of baked goods upon us. It was also the weekend of “Do you want Western food or Asian food? Because I don’t want Western food.” So much for options.

    1. admin March 28, 2006 at 5:03 pm

      I loved the Taiwan Science Fun Fair Mystery Spot Park Thing, and would have no issues whatsoever with going back and riding dinosaurs and electric dogs again. But yes, I’m giving the Wheel of Death a wide berth; you saved me from a terrible bogwater fate!

      You have to admit, it was an excellent ruse. Let’s give them every choice they want, so long as it’s something WE want, and just so they don’t choose the wrong thing, let’s make them feel guilty for choosing the other!

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