Nom or Vom: Tis the Season

Oh Babe, you're even sweeter than usual!
Oh Babe, you’re even sweeter than usual!


Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. Much in the same manner, every time someone says “Bacon is SO over,” another bacon product is introduced. This one combines pork products and sugar to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the pork for the pigs that were in the manger, and the sugar is, I don’t know, the baby Jesus’ sweetness or some shit like that. You know and I know that artificial bacon tastes nothing like bacon, it’s all strange smoky aftertaste and none of the crackling fat flavor that got you to love bacon in the first place. That said, it is bacon CANDY, so it’s not supposed to replicate bacon faithfully, just be vaguely reminiscent of bacon. What say you? Would you eat this? Or would you gag if you found one in your stocking?

Would you eat bacon candy canes?

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