Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, WI


Will I ever get tired of visiting dinosaur museums? In a word: NO. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin packs a lot of dinosaur into a relatively small space, eschewing individual platforms in favor of one large grouping. It’s the only museum in the United States designed specifically to show the evolutionary transition between dinosaurs and birds and it does so with the largest collection of theropod dinosaurs in the country; by containing them all on one platform, it’s easier to compare them to one another. Especially delightful are the motion sensors which trigger dinosaur noises and make you feel as though you’re being stalked around the room.

IMG_0409I thought it was a trick question with the answer being “this museum!”

IMG_0419Although it’s not a scientifically sound theory, based on similar facial expressions, I postulate that this dinosaur may in fact be Napodog’s ancestor as they both appear to be pleased as punch to be tracking mud around like it takes no work at all to clean the floors. NONE AT ALL. Happy-go-lucky jerks.


IMG_0450 IMG_0425

IMG_0412This guy just needs a little nap, evolution is hard work!


IMG_0405  IMG_0464


IMG_0457   IMG_0436

IMG_0432Downstairs, you can watch fossils being cleaned and prepared for research. You can also assemble a dinosaur puzzle and do some coloring; of course we elected to do all of these things, for science. IMG_0470 As you can see, Jason’s Eoraptor explores how one might camouflage itself in the 1980s, and mine is exploring hipster fashion. SCIENCE!

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  1. Cindy May 15, 2014 at 6:00 am

    I didn’t even know there was a dinosaur museum in Wisconsin. My husband and I are always looking for things to do in our own state. Thanks for turning me on to this.

    BTW, I found you through GOMI.

    1. Mellzah May 15, 2014 at 9:17 am

      There is a lot of awesome stuff to do in Wisconsin! If you’ve never been to The House on the Rock, it’s absolutely worthwhile just for the sheer scale and insanity of the person who built and curated it. I also always make time to visit The Safe House in Milwaukee when I’m in the area, which is a spy-themed bar with a secret exit and a number of other fun spy-related things. If you’ve never heard of Roadside America, it’s an excellent resource for finding museums, roadside attractions, and festivals wherever you may be. I still definitely need to visit the UFO capitol of the world and the Forevertron.

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