An Immature Road Trip Game For Twelve Year Olds At Heart

road trip game

When you’re out on the road and in one of those stretches where all the scenery looks the same, it’s important to have a game to play to keep you from getting tired or loopy. The premise of this one is simple, stupid, and hard to stop playing: Every RV, motorhome, hitch trailer you see, take the name and add “anal” to the front of it, and prepare to giggle like a twelve year old.

anal fun finder

anal hideout

anal pursuit

It doesn’t always work, but more often than not, the new name will be hilarious. On my trip last weekend, there were RVs nonstop in both directions, and the jackal-like laughter in the car kept me perkier and cheerier than caffeine could have done on its own. I have seen so many great combinations, the photos I posted are just a taste. Some of them are so on the nose, it’s almost like the people in charge of naming motor homes are in on the joke. Give it a try on your next trip!