Date Archives February 2012

“I think it’s ironic that, for once, dad’s butt PREVENTED the release of toxic gas.”

Oh, if only I could do both on command.

What happens when we’ve got a small window of time without any demands placed upon it?

Something terrible. Something terrible and awful and kind of awesome.

We call it BurpBing–seeing how the vocal command search on the Xbox360 responds to burping.

For the record, it doesn’t do a great job with regular vocal commands, either.

Some of these would make great t-shirts.

Thank you, Google Analytics. With your data crunching, I now know I’m reaching my target market…or that the following things attract people to my blog:

anal bleaching ghost sex if you barf I’m gonna spew snake holding baseball bat “boobs through” hole ass jesus foal billionaire mummies fucking dickzilla dildo stage handjob from my mom how big is a dinosaur poop mermaid “one of her pasties” screwnicorn strap-on seanted shoelases sucker is my second name vanilla ice had a tee shirt with a gator on it why does the hair on my feet hurt

I aim to deliver a high-quality experience that includes billionaire ghost mummies having anal sex with a twisty strap-on while wearing tee shirts with gators on them next to a big ol’ dinosaur turd and a snake holding a baseball bat that likes to watch. I’ve got no idea what an ass jesus foal is, however.

That Helen Mirren can class up anything.

A friend of mine always goes to see all of the Oscar nominated films before the awards ceremony itself, and late January/early February is a flurry of films for her. Tonight we were having dinner, and she mentioned that later this evening she’d be going to see “Albert Nobbs”, the story of a woman dressing as a man so that she might earn a living as a butler in 19th century Ireland. “That’s odd,” I exclaimed, “What’s-her-butt, uh, Helen Mirren has a butler movie out now, too! She wears a prosthetic and everything!” “Really?” my friend asked, puzzled. “Nominated?” “Oh yeah, in the makeup category I think.” “What’s it called?” “Uh..uh…The Butler’s Ding Dong…also known as “I made it up”.”

I’m lucky she didn’t reach across the table and slug me.

Now it probably should be made into a real movie. Potential taglines include: “You rang?” and “One lump or two?”