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“Wait, there’s even MORE space dust!”

The lack of posts lately has nothing to do with a lack of content, but rather, a sad lack of time. A better person than me might have the organizational skills to have a new post up every weekday in addition to everything else that’s going on, but unless I go through some amazing metamorphosis or get replaced by a pod person or get bought out in a hostile takeover by more timely bloggers, you’re stuck with me. Things should be getting back to normal around here soon, however: we wrap on the film project I’ve been working on this week, and I don’t anticipate any out of town visitors after this weekend. With that, have an Alien reading a book.

Nom or Vom: We start with pure milk chocolate, add a layer of farm-fresh honey, sprinkle on four kinds of sugar, and then dip it in rich creamery butter.

I like chocolate. I like cheese. I like triple chocolate cupcakes, and I like extra cheese on my pizza. Hell, I like a slice of cheddar cheese after eating a slice of apple pie–sometimes ON said pie. If it’s the artery-clogging, blood sugar raising, bastard lovechild of a passionate mating between Wilford Brimley and Paula Deen that took place in a hot tub of bubbling trans fat oil, give it to me now.

What I’m saying here is that I’m no stranger to the delicious marriage of salty and sweet when it’s consummated in my mouth. Even chocolate and cheese together in one place are not unknown to me: chocolate cheesecakes are awesome, and in Wisconsin, we have an amazing smooth cream cheese fudge that goes by the unappetizing nickname “Chudge”.

But I look at sharp white cheddar and dark chocolate swirled together in bar form and I shudder a little. However, my opinion on the matter is not the only one that counts. Am I wrong? Is this a taste sensation?

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