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Le Voyage dans la lune

There was a point in time when my boss told me that nothing good could come of refreshing Livejournal all day long.

He was officially wrong yesterday afternoon, when autonomic_pilot posted that he was taking a plane up to watch the lunar eclipse from 8,000 feet, and since he had three empty seats, the first three people to speak up got them.

Three thoughts shot through my brain in rapid succession:

1. If I want to do this, I have to respond NOW. Ok! 2. I will have to leave work early. Fine by me! 3. Wait, I have dance class tonight! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN? FUCK DANCE CLASS.

I was one of the lucky three, the trio rounded out by la_roja and aelius27, whom you’ll recall graciously hosted Adventures in Science! Part One: Owl Vomit.

After practically floating out of work, I made a pit stop at David’s Bridal to maybe find something to wear to Kayleigh’s last-minute Prom Party this weekend, and after getting frustrated at incorrect sizing and hot layers of tulle, I have decided that my goddamn animal friends had better kick it up a notch and make something for me.

After all of THAT, I met everyone at Wings Aloft, where we prepared to sacrifice babies to convince an angered God to give back the moon.




Frankly, I was a little concerned about all of us being able to fit inside. But I’m not the pilot here, so…oh, wait!

2281410643_9d5aff86c7 2281410647_2cefddaecc


Our fearless pilot.



As the one with the fancy-pants camera that I didn’t quite know how to use, I got to be the co-pilot. Er, ride shotgun. Er, sit in the front and pray I wouldn’t break anything.

2281417623_a24b3435af     2282207438_46cb28e20c





This was the emergency handle, which, when pulled, launches out a rocket/parachute 1-2 punch combo that destroys the plane but saves the passengers. autonomic_pilot said that since its inception, it’s been used 13 times and is credited with saving 31 lives, which is pretty goddamn awesome.


Hey, look, it’s the world’s blurriest sunset over mountaintops! Gosh, wouldn’t that be nice if it were in focus? …I’m ShakyHands McGee.


This is the point where, in accordance with the wishes of our TRULY fearless pilot, who perhaps didn’t know that the first week I had my driver’s license I totaled my car in an act of sheer Stupidity that is yet unrivaled, I took control of the plane. The expression on my face is equal parts ecstatic and terrified that I would kill us all. Doing something stupid that kills myself? Eh, we all have to go sometime. Taking others with me? Not so much!

Note: Although I didn’t make any seatbelt announcements, I was indeed in full control as autonomic_pilot had to use both hands to operate my camera. Or at least, I was granted the illusion of complete control, as it has become clear to me that John can actually control the plane via The Force.

2282211520_2fb6b84d0e The sky reflecting off of my glasses means I’m deadly serious like THE ICEMAN, bitches!

2282211524_72c3a335c4 This is what terror looks like when Mellzah’s got control.

The eclipse and night sky itself was, in a word, breathtaking. There are moments in my life when I’m overwhelmed by beauty, when my heart swells from the joy of it, and I almost feel it will engulf me. This was one of those moments. It was so incredible, and I wish that I could’ve captured even a fraction of that feeling with my camera.













When I dated Alex, who was a pilot, he said that people often ask how planes know where they’re going without roads, and the joke-y pilot answer is to point out at the wings and say all they do is fly between the lights. This picture has nothing to do with the wings of the plane, but it makes me think of that nonetheless.


la_roja taking a spin in the mini-plane.


No, you’re breaking it! I AM NOT!


Putting the plane back into the garage. There was a gap of MAYBE a foot on either side of the plane, which I would imagine is terrifying every time you put it in the garage–there’s not exactly room for error. Then again, there isn’t a crapton of room for error when your safety blanket is a rocket parachute, so maybe terror is something he’s used to by now.

This was an amazing, amazing experience. I really can’t give enough thanks–words seem insufficient and hollow. Still: thank you, thank you, thank you. The trip might have ended last night, but I’m still walking on air.


Dustin Diamond, aka Screech, blew off a comedy appearance in Seattle today. Isn’t this the guy who was begging people to donate to save his house a couple of years ago because he couldn’t pay his bills? Can he really afford to miss more work?


Destruct-o-thon 2K8

Last night I went to The Stranger’s 11th Annual Valentine’s Day Bash–a night where people bring treasured mementos from failed relationships and they’re destroyed onstage in a burst of healing cathartic activity.

This wasn’t my first Bash–I first attended in 2006, when I had something of my own to destroy, and it made the news.

(Sorry it’s hard to read–since LJ scrapbook is blocked, I have to use Facebook, which resizes photos. Crappily.)

Although I didn’t have anything to bring this year, it’s a show that’s always worth attending, even as just an audience member. This year, in addition to the tar-and-feathers, blowtorch, paper shredder, and sledgehammer, we had a blender, a circular saw, a machete and liquid nitrogen.

I made sure to arrive early and staked out a spot right at the stage–it’s worth the prospect of getting some feathers in your hair or sprinkled with ‘tar’ in order to see the action up close.

While I waited for the show to start, a nifty lesbian with pink hair taught me how to swing dance AND do the charleston, and I was hit on by a bald dude in a Utilikilt with braces from Edinburgh who is a…(wait for it)…pole dancing instructor. Yeeeeeeeeeah.

Anyway, the show was a blast, it’s always neat to see Dan Savage (whose column I’ve read religiously since I was 15 and he was going by ‘Hey Faggot!’ in the Shepherd Express), and since I know that my experience there REALLY helped me get past my anger and move on, I also know that I witnessed a lot of awesome people who got fucked over by assholes and heartless bitches get a fresh start in life.

How great is that?