Nom or Vom: “These boys get that syrup in ’em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.”

Not content with their previous savory syrup achievements, Torani has whipped their chemists into submission and concocted Chicken & Waffles in chuggable syrup form. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have a lot of room to comment on this new flavor, as I have never before tasted chicken and waffles at the same time, though I am a fan of both separately. However, while I’m fairly sure that chicken and waffles is a delicious real food blend, I don’t know if I can get behind it in syrup form. Maybe I’m just too old, but I’m not ready for liquid meat. Which bears the question: how would one even use Chicken & Waffles syrup? In a latte? On actual chicken and waffles? On waffles for which you have no chicken? Chug shots of it to prove one’s manhood? HOW? Tell me in the comments, please.

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