Nom or Vom: Hot Doggin’ It

herrshotdogAh, the hot dog. Originally imported from Germany, now made with the choicest American meat scraps and corn syrup, stuffed in a tube,  and considered an American Classic. God bless America. And God bless Herr’s, the chip company finally attempting to rival the Japanese in sheer variety of offbeat flavors. This time they’ve set their sights on hot dog flavored chips. I’m shedding a tear right now because they’ve combined America’s love of hot dogs, chips, and artificial flavoring, with Germany’s love of efficiency (why eat two when you could eat both at the same time?) into one red, white, and blue package. ‘Murrica.


Pros: The aforementioned efficiency, all American pride, uh, crunchiness?

Cons: Meat is one of those flavors that never really translates well to chip form, so this probably tastes like condiments with a funky aftertaste.

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