Nom or Vom: Break me off a piece of that kit kat pizza

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Japan is just CRUSHING the United States when it comes to creative junk food. We may have taken back the competitive eating title, but pizza toppings on chicken nuggets is child’s play compared to this stoner’s wet dream: pizza with gorgonzola, mangos, mixed nuts, honey-maple sauce and bakeable custard pudding kit kats, all topped with cheese. What?!

Pros: If you’ve ever thought “Man, I’d like to buy a pizza, and I also want to buy a candy bar but I don’t want to look like a pig”–PROBLEM SOLVED, it probably counts as one of your FDA recommended daily servings of fruit, it definitely makes for a more interesting dessert than the “sprinkle some cinnamon on our standard breadsticks and call it a day” thing that stateside pizza chains do, two cheeses are better than one

Cons: The mental image of a custard pudding kit-kat popping like a zit and oozing into one’s mouth, a number of powerful flavors battling it out on a relatively small surface area, is the illicit love of pizza and candy (much like Romeo and Juliet) going to cause your stomach to commit suicide?

Would you eat mango gorgonzola custard kit-kat pizza?

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