Makin Stuff: Giant Squid Pillow


After reupholstering the kitchen bench with a Squids in Space fabric (how many times can I post the same bench with different fabric and call it content?), I had quite a bit left over, and when I saw the instructions for this giant squid pillow, I knew it was the perfect project for some of the remaining fabric.

It actually takes longer than one might think to sew a giant squid pillow–I spent the better part of two days sewing and stuffing in the living room with Malcolm in the Middle streaming in the background. Frankly, I don’t know why I have a craft room at all, I just go where it’s warm and comfortable-ish and I have a TV at my disposal regardless of where I’m supposed to be dumping all of these works-in-progress.  My squid’s tentacles ended up a bit overstuffed so they’re not as flexible as I’d like, but they’re still good for staging shark (and dog) attacks which may explain why Napoleon lived in terror of this thing for a while.




For a while.

Napoleon vs Giant Squid

If you’d like to make your own giant squid pillow, the instructions are here.