Ascending Thor’s Heights: The Vista House At Crown point

As part of our roadtripstravaganza, we stopped at the Vista House at Crown Point. Their website indicates that one will learn “about the building, the highway, the Gorge, local history, sights to see, the flora and fauna, and visitor “comfort” facilities and rest area.” I learned one: that there were no lines for the women’s restroom (a rarity at any place in the United States but particularly at a roadside attraction) and two: if you’d hooked someone the size of my grandma (about five feet tall, 75 pounds soaking wet) up to some string and put her in a billowy sweatshirt, I’m quite certain you could fly her like a kite off of the side of the building as the wind there is unbelievably strong. There were a few occasions when the wind nearly knocked me off my feet and I’m considerably heftier.