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Spotted on the Roadside: Nipper the Giant Dog in Albany, NY

Unquestionably the cutest part of the Albany skyline, Nipper the RCA dog is perched on what used to be the tallest building in Albany, thus requiring him to have an aircraft beacon attached to his ear (now a light fixture). Weighing in at four tons, Nipper looms over the street, listening for the sound of his master’s voice. Let’s hope an ionic disturbance doesn’t bring him to life, though: the real Nipper was named after his tendency to nip the backs of visitors’ legs.

Spotted on Broadway in Albany, NY.

Spotted on the Roadside: You Mean Like That Bozo, Bonko the Clown?

Late for the Interurban

JP Patches Statue

JP Patches Detail

Gertrude Statue

JP Patches was a beloved clown who hosted a local Seattle television show for children for  over twenty years. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I spent my mornings with Bozo the Clown instead, so I don’t really have a point of reference for JP Patches, save that he was said to be the inspiration for Krusty the Clown. Any clown even remotely associated with Krusty is OK in my book. Except Gertrude. I don’t know if she was as terrifying in the show as she is on this statue, but holy nightmare fuel!

Spotted on 34th St in Seattle, WA.

Nom or Vom: Dorito or Dorit-nooooooo?


America, your cries to get a stomachache while you gas up have been heard and answered: now you can get fried cheese that’s been breaded in doritos crumbs. This may be part of the grand doritos plan to get a foot in every franchise that people only eat at when they have two dollars and deep-seated self-loathing, I’m not sure. What I do know is that I don’t feel even remotely hungry looking at that orange plastic molten cheese substitute, and I am generally the sort of person who gets hungry just thinking about pictures of cheese.

Pros: pleasing triangular shape, like a dorito-y grilled cheese, plenty of cheese, who doesn’t like melted cheese?

Cons: 7-11 doesn’t so much sell “food” as it sells “disappointment”, you know that it’s not cheese inside but cheez, this is going to be exactly like that time you thought it would be awesome to make nachos with doritos and subsequently got heartburn so bad that you thought you were dying

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