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The Giant Shoe Museum in Seattle, WA

Bigfoot isn’t the sole object of Seattle’s large foot obsession. Tucked into the Pike Place Market under the main arcade, the Giant Shoe Museum proves it’s not the size of the museum that counts, but the size of the shoe. Just a dollar’s worth of quarters will reveal to you sizeable shoes at which to gawk and apply your own theories as regards to common foot size stereotypes. One thing’s for certain: the clown shoe they have on display looks like a creepy deflated dong.

Spotted on the Roadside: Giant Hat and Boots

Hat and Boots

Georgetown Giant Hat

Huge Cowboy Boots

These giant cowboy accoutrements were built in the 1950s as part of a cowboy-themed gas station named “Premium Tex”. The boots contained the restrooms, and the office was sheltered under the hat; the gas station closed in the late 80s and both hat and boots had fallen into disrepair. They have been moved and recently restored, and I don’t believe it’s possible to poop in a boot any longer unless you’re really dedicated to vandalism and boot goofin‘.

Spotted in Georgetown, WA.