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Nom or Vom: So one of those egg council creeps got to you too, huh?

It is so much easier to take a picture and start to write a snarky post in my head than it is to actually write anything. Nevertheless, there’s a bunch of stuff coming down the pike (content heavy posts! This is not one of them!). I’ve been going out and doing things while I’ve been neglecting this blog like it was my very own ugly child, and while that’s well and good, I refuse to allow “lack of time” be a reason for me to stop writing alltogether, because it’s a lame excuse.

Who cares, let’s get to the booze!

I found this baby in the liquor section of the duty-free shop on my way back into the States. There are several reasons to visit Canada, two of which are ketchup chips and the privilege of buying liquor tax free. Warninks Advocaat: eggs and booze, together at last. AGED eggs and booze. Now, it is my understanding that a lot of things go on in Holland, but seriously guys, are you high??!? What made you think that something that looks this curdled would make a great export? I am familiar with eggnog, but I have yet to find an eggnog so thick I have to eat it with a spoon.

Pros: Man, you always are talking about not getting enough protein and this will help you out. If you’re eating it with a spoon at your desk, it looks less like alcoholism and more like you’re someone who eats yogurt that helps you poop. It’s tax free.

Cons: I would imagine it slithers down your throat in chunks, like burning vomit jello. Yellow #5. The aforementioned throat slithering action.

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