Date Archives December 2011

Aren’t we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.

Recently, we visited Kent for their annual Santa parade, a block-long extravaganza that coincides precisely with the length of my attention span for parades. First came the girl scouts, flinging candy canes at paradegoers as hard as they could throw overhand. I, for one, have never been more appreciative of our patriarchal society that discourages girls from participating in sports and thus developing their muscles and aim. Next came Darth Vader, some stormtroopers and a few Jedi warriors, then came a few festive alpacas, and last but not least came Santa riding in on a fire truck. Santa hobbled out of the truck aided by a cane, was presented with the key to the city, and proceeded to light the Christmas tree. We celebrated Santa’s arrival with gyros and festive liquor, and then we were off to our second holiday spirit event of the day: the Christmas tree house.

The owners of the Christmas tree house traditionally decorate 10-14 Christmas trees every year, and open their home to visitors one day during the holiday season as part of a food drive. I was lucky enough to be invited this year, and it truly was a spectacle. Beautiful trees covered with thousands of ornaments in a gorgeous home–and the ornaments on display only comprise a fraction of their total collection. My photos can’t even begin to do it justice.

Of course, it makes my little charlie brown tree at home seem extra sad, but other than that single downside, it was a beautiful way to kick off the holiday season. I hope I am invited again next year!

The Bigfoot Diet: Pork Chops Aplenty!

Anacortes: a town with the world’s second best fish and chips, smoked salmon phone cards, and more Sasquatch paintings than you can shake a stick at. The first Sasquatch came as a surprise. “Stop the car and look at that house!” A Sasquatch bid welcome, while an attack cat warned us to keep our distance and a mermaid floated further off indifferently. We parked the car and found more on our way to a restaurant–a Sasquatch couple, the lady of the pair holding a strategically placed flower. A Sasquatch peddling juice. A Sasquatch clutching a painter’s palette. When we found ourselves in a ceramics-painting coffee shop, what else could have served as our subject?

I began thinking about the lady Sasquatch and her carefully placed flower, and inspiration struck. While my painting skills fall somewhat short of Botticelli’s, my “Birth of Sasquatch” spoon rest will bring a touch of class to my kitchen. After we were finished, we left the pieces with the shop owner to be fired and asked if we needed to leave our names in order to pick them up–he took one look at our subject matter and figured he’d be able to keep them together without any difficulty.

I can’t wait to see them after they’ve been fired. While our masterpieces are not for sale, you can see more Anacortes sasquatch art and buy your own giant sasquatch at the artist Christine Olsen’s website.