Date Archives October 2010

Catchin’ up!

Yesterday, I made my first latex prosthetic appliances for my halloween costume. I am not thrilled with how they turned out, but I get why they turned out the way they did, so at least there’s that. I’m not quite sure how to make new ones to get the effect I’m looking for–this is something that would’ve been better created with GM foam if only I had the oven and tolerance for sulfurous fumes Just figured it out. Reverse mold, not positive mold. Either I will make new molds tonight or I will fudge the makeup with some other technique on Saturday–the important thing is that I finish the actual costume first and focus on the less-important things later because right now, y’all, I need sleeves. I am anti-sleeveless. I will probably be working like mad on Friday/Saturday, but that’s really nothing new. This month has been insanely busy, even moreso than usual, but I’ll get everything done. I always do.

Tonight and tomorrow are my last nights at the haunt, I can’t believe how soon it’ll be over/how much fun I’ve had! One of the guys there gave me his card and maybe we’ll work togther on future projects, which is pretty exciting. His gore work is AMAZING and there’s a lot I could learn from him.

Thriller Night

There is a twelve-year-old kid at the haunt whom I have come to call “Michael Jackson”, as from the very first second he sat in my chair, it was “Michael Jackson this” and “Michael Jackson that” and “Do you think Michael Jackson wore makeup?” and on and on and on. I asked him, “So, what’s up with all the Michael Jackson talk?” and he said “Well, I’ve been a fan since I was EIGHT, so like, FOREVER” and I laughed so hard. He also told me that the best part about being twelve is that he can put his arm around girls and they don’t suspect anything. This kid is a laugh riot.