Date Archives January 2009

‘Tis said that wrath is the last thing in a man to grow old.

I fear my hair will never be the same. Also, I now have huge respect for people who put up tall mohawks on a regular basis, because it took a stupid amount of glue and hairspray just to get my hair up like this. I most embodied my sin while attempting to get ready; my hands were coated in glue and hair that had been yanked out by said glue, my hair kept flopping over instead of standing up straight and cool the way it was going to do in my imagination, and I was growing rapidly more frustrated.

I know that lust won my poll by a landslide, but I invited Amy to come with me to the party, and when I told her the theme, she immediately said she would just dress skanky and go as lust, and frankly, I didn’t want to compete with that. The least popular sin was gluttony, with all of one representative, who just hung out by the snack table all night.

It was one hell of a party–by the end of the night, it basically devolved into an orgy. Lust (not Amy) unbuttoned Envy’s entire button-down dress, using her mouth, Pride got jealous and started making out with Envy, Wrath (not me) ended up having her clothes torn off of her by various partygoers, and it was really a smashing way to ring in the new year. I used my extra leap-second to fire nerf weaponry, we all drank fine champagna, and now I’m off to dunk my head in a gallon of conditioner.